Healthcare Product rejuvenation from raw version to a HIPAA compliant professional masterpiece

Pragmatyc helped the client to rejuvenate the product. The product included new sensors and, visual analytics feature which assists doctors and patients in effortlessly understanding their reports


One in 25 people on earth face mobility issue due to various reasons like Accidents, Disability etc. These patients need to visit doctor.

To address the same, our client has developed a medical IoT product in which sensors are installed on patient’s footwear. These sensors track and provide real-time data and detailed biochemical analysis of walking and running activity by patients. Doctors can monitor this data remotely as well as real-time.

Client was facing issues in technical implementation of the product where Pragmatyc helped to get it streamlined overcoming multiple technical challenges it had. In the nutshell, Pragmatyc helped rejuvenating the product to make it practically useful for its stakeholders.


Previously used obsolete technology stack in the product were posing constraints on product modification & scalability.

The architecture of the server was complicated, and some parts of the server were unused.

There was a risk of data security as part of the server architecture was not HIPAA compliant.

Data Backup system was not working.

The client also wanted to add a few more sensors in the system.


The Product was developed using Joomla’s old version (content management system) having Security threats. Pragmatyc upgraded Joomla to new Version with security patches, alongside addressing the workflow requirements as well.

Pragmatyc analyzed the existing server system implemented. Pragmatyc addressed the data security risk and improved the data backup system with the help of the AWS-S3 service.

One of the prime activity Pragmatyc has done in the project was the migration of servers on the AWS platform.

Pragmatyc implemented and done the seamless integration of a couple of more sensors in the product.

Pragmatyc provided visual analytics to the client for better understanding of reports to their users.

We also helped client in efficiently integrating the product with third-party tool 9Zest, which is the tele-rehab platform used by many doctors.


100% HIPAA compliance achieved..

Increase in user adoption by 33%.

Server Cost reduced by 50%.

Reduced Average Patient assessment time with visual analytics implemented.

Reduced the cost of monitoring and compliance by 35% by tracking current projects progress through on-site images & videos on a single dashboard which increased the efficiency and flattened the workflows

Technologies and Tools

Web Javascript, HTML, CSS, JQuery, PHP 7.2, Apache2, Joomla v3.7, Micro-service architecture.

Server Custom Architecture (VPC, Subnet, Internet Gateway, NAT Gateway), AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), AWS EC2.)

Storage AWS S3 (For storing DB backups).

Database MySQL, MongoDB.

Software MATLAB Server Edition.

Other libraries Highcharts, Zingcharts, Nimble API Integration.

Compliance HIPAA compliant software architecture.

IoT Shoe sensor pods & waist sensor pods (by Moterum).

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