Development of Childcare & Parenting Mobile App
Industry: Childcare & Parenting / Canada

This concept was initiated by a client with the goal of providing top notch education and development to children. Children are competent, capable of complex thinking, curious, individuals rich in potential. They deserve the right to quality care and education in a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment. 

At the same time families are seen as experts who understand their children and must play an active role in their development. Ongoing communication and open dialogue are crucial for a child’s continuous learning.  

So, clients engage with families through an open-door policy, daily reports, and newsletters. 

This mobile solution has been developed to benefit both parents and staff members. It allows parents to receive accurate and detailed information regarding their child’s day.  

The Product

This is a platform which supports childcare educators to stay connected with families daily. The Mobile App is a custom designed solution that provides parents with information on daily routines, such as diaper changes, details about what and how your child ate, sleep times, activities conducted throughout the day, pictures and if anything is needed to be brought in the next day. 

The app also allows educators to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements. One single record is used to communicate with the client, the parent, and maintain compliance, ultimately providing more time for the teacher to spend with the children and allowing them to be completely paperless and environmentally friendly.     

Daily Reports

Families will receive real time updates of their child’s daily engagement in their classroom. This feature helps educators to digitally share information with families about their child’s day – instantly. Each account has access to all information in real time. Reports are organized by section, making them clear and effortless to read.  

Educators can also communicate item requests to parents as needed.  

Daily programming is listed in detail, noting all the learning activities which a child participated in along with a description of the special interests they showed that day. 


Parents get instantaneous access to photos or videos of their child learning and having fun. You’ll be able to see children’s learning in action as they participate in activities, develop their skills, and socialize with their peers. Educators use this feature to share children’s special moments with their families, making sure you get to be part of all the fun! 

Health Screening

Health and safety being everyone’s priority, it is included as a special feature for health screening in the app, making the process fast and trouble-free. Parents can perform a digital health screening for their child(ren) before arriving at the childcare center, by answering the listed screening questions. This feature helps to speed up sign-in upon arrival at the center, making everyone’s day run a little bit more smoothly. 

Supporting open and accurate communication, the application helps families to cherish children’s growth and development, without missing a moment of the learning journey. 

Value Add by Pragmatyc

Dedicated team of developers, testers & a project manager worked closely with the client’s web application team.  

Active participation in solution designing & also researching for web application enhancements in close coordination with client SPOC. 

We developed the solution in a phased manner well organized with agile methodology. Well defined sprints, sprint planning with Product Owner, daily scrums, retrospectives, etc. led to successful project deliveries. 

A user friendly and intuitive mobile app ensures a seamless transfer of information between childcare centers and families.  

It also ensures privacy and security for all data shared with parents. 

The accuracy & dedication of team conferred team with client appreciation. 

Services Provided

UI/UX designing & development

Android App Development

iOS App Development

Server and API

Technologies and Tools

Android App Development Kotlin, Xml, SQLite

iOS App Development Swift, SQLite

Server and API FileMaker API

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