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What is Product Design?

Product Design at Pragmatyc is a holistic approach that combines the art of creating engaging user experiences with the science of building scalable and sustainable technology architectures. It involves a harmonious blend of UX/UI design and technology solution planning to ensure your product not only captivates users but is also built on a robust, future-proof foundation. Our goal is to create products that are not only aesthetically pleasing and intuitive but also technically sound and scalable. 


Startups aiming to make a impactful entry into the digital space.


Established businesses aiming to elevate & scale their digital product offerings with right experience and infrastructure designed. 

it is for?


Visionaries and entrepreneurs who understand the importance of integrating user-centric design with solid technical architecture from the outset. 


Founders who have completed the product discovery phase with a well-defined business model and product roadmap. 


How it Unfolds?

UX Design

Enhance user experiences with our UX Design skills. We use methods like Empathy Mapping and Card Sorting to understand user needs and refine interactions for smooth engagement. Our detailed approach helps us grasp user thoughts and feelings, enabling us to craft experiences that truly connect with your audience and pave the way for digital success.

UI Design 

Elevate your digital presence with our UI Design expertise, where we blend captivating visuals with intuitive usability. From detailed wireframes to user-centric prototypes, we ensure a seamless fusion of aesthetics and functionality, guided by best practices for optimal user satisfaction. Our approach fosters engaging user experiences, setting the foundation for your digital success.

Technology Solution & Architecture

In our Technology Solution & Architecture strategy, we align product requirements with optimal technologies for scalability and relevance. We focus on robust architecture planning, from high-level diagrams to detailed schemas, establishing a foundation that supports growth. Our dedication to detailed documentation ensures product maintainability and high standards.


Why You Should Go for Product Design Consulting

Elevated Brand Identity

Our Product Design service enhances your brand presence by integrating consistent design elements, reinforcing a strong, cohesive brand identity across the product. 

Engagement and Loyalty Through User-Centric Design

By creating designs that not only meet user needs but also promote prolonged engagement, our service contributes to a positive user experience and higher user adoption.

Stay Tech Relevant

Identifying a suitable tech stack ensures long-term tech relevance, keeping your projects competitive and innovative in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Sustainable Product Creation

Architecture diagrams create sustainable products, facilitating scalability and adaptability to future technology shifts.

Risk Mitigation

High-level and low-level designs contribute to the maintainability of the product, significantly reducing potential risks and unforeseen challenges during development.

Robust Foundation

A right Low-Level Design provides a robust foundation for development, adhering to standards and ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and technologies.


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Service at every stage

Product Development

Technology practices to create seamless user experience in agile way.

Product Modernization

Strategies to help you keep up with dynamic business environment

Case Studies

Client Success Stories

We have delivered digital products in healthcare, education, consumer electronics, construction etc. employing IoT, AI and many other technologies relevant to the solution.

Here are some case studies

Development of Childcare & Parenting Mobile App

This concept was initiated by a client with…

From Paperwork to Productivity: Developing an Integrated workplace Safety Product

Occupational health & safety (OHS) is a multidisciplinary…

Modern tech empowering a Fintech product to multi-fold Pre-accounting efficiency

Maintaining accurate bookkeeping and accounting records is essential…

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