Talent Augmentation 
Plug and Play

Make seamlessly blended extended team.

Talent Augmentation

If you’ve already assembled a dedicated team for your digital product’s development but find yourself in need of specialized technology expertise, we offer a flexible solution that can seamlessly integrate with your existing setup. Our service allows you to augment your team with skilled professionals in specific technological domains, ensuring you have access to the right expertise exactly when you need it. This approach not only fills the gaps in your team’s capabilities but also enhances your project’s agility and adaptability, enabling you to leverage cutting-edge technologies without the long-term commitment of expanding your in-house team. With us, you gain the flexibility to scale your technology resources up or down according to project demands, ensuring that your development process remains efficient, cost-effective, and aligned with your project’s unique requirements. 

You're engaged in a project with your existing team but face a shortage of specific competencies.

You require a team managed by your CTO or technology leader

it is for?

Your business lacks individuals with a technology background. 

You aim to establish your dedicated offshore development centre in India. 

You are aware of clients seeking resource augmentation solutions


How it Unfolds?

Hire Dedicated Niche Engineers

Bridge specific skill gaps with innovative problem solvers who are committed to building applications & products that not just work, but succeed.

Setup Project Development Team

Leave end-to-end product development to our capable team of expert tech leads, designers, developers, and QAs, and focus on your core business with peace of mind.

Build Offshore Development Center

Build & own your low-risk, fully managed offshore development centre in India with dedicated office space and modern infrastructure.


Why You Should Go for Talent Augmentation

Save on Recruitment Time and Efforts

Quickly integrate top-tier talent into your projects without the lengthy hiring processes, getting straight to development. 

Zero Liability with Virtual Teams

Leverage the expertise of remote professionals without the overheads and commitments of traditional employment. 

Hassle-Free Ramp-Up and Ramp-Down of Team

Easily adjust your team size based on project needs, ensuring agility in your development process.

Eliminate Training Expenses

Seamlessly incorporate expert talent into your projects without the need for extensive training, allowing your team to maintain focus and momentum while minimizing onboarding costs

No Scaling Up Cost

Expand your team’s capabilities without incurring the significant expenses typically associated with growing an in-house team.

Stay Technology Relevant

Access a pool of professionals skilled in the latest technologies, keeping your projects at the cutting edge. 

Organizational Knowledge Support

Benefit from our collective expertise and ongoing skill enhancement, ensuring your team remains proficient and informed. 

100% Work Transparency and Reporting

Enjoy complete visibility into your augmented team’s progress with regular, detailed reporting. 

Save Up to 55% Cost of Ownership

Drastically reduce your project costs by leveraging our efficient talent augmentation model, without compromising on quality or timelines.  


Hear it from Our Clients

Let’s Dive Deeper into your product Idea


Service at every stage

Product Development

Technology practices to create seamless user experience in agile way.

Product Modernization

Strategies to help you keep up with dynamic business environment

Case Studies

Client Success Stories

We have delivered digital products in healthcare, education, consumer electronics, construction etc. employing IoT, AI and many other technologies relevant to the solution.

Here are some case studies

Helping an Insta Printer App boost their User Count by 4x

Team Pragmatyc collaborated closely to build a user-friendly…

Full-stack Development of an AI Voice Bot with Human-like Response System

Building an AI-powered Automated Calling system from scratch…

Development of Childcare & Parenting Mobile App

This concept was initiated by a client with…

From Paperwork to Productivity: Developing an Integrated workplace Safety Product

Occupational health & safety (OHS) is a multidisciplinary…

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