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We are energetic and competent partner for your products’ journey

Digital Products is the medium through which modern world interacts and transacts. We exist to enhance the capabilities of users’ extended selves in connected world, by building winning  products for our clients.

Trusted Technology Partner
Since 2009

Pragmatyc is a Digital Product Engineering company. Our expertise, ability to innovate and willingness to go an extra mile have won us great opportunities to collaborate to create some fantastic products for our clients in US, Europe, Singapore and many other places.

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Our Promise

Extra Mile for Client’s Smile


Active Listening

Listening actively beyond the words with utmost focus to understand client’s expectations.


Proactive Consulting

Consulting proactively to identify missing pieces and fill the gaps to complete the picture.


Digital Craftsmanship

Maintaining efficiency and sanity of the code to ensure best performance and scalability.


State-of-the-art Solutions
Employing modern technologies to offer relevant and accurate solution to problems at hand.


Real-time Updates
Communicating real time updates to keep client informed about the product development status.


Mutual Education
Educating client about digital products and gaining required domain knowledge from them for better collaboration.
Our Team
To Lead and To Follow

Rupesh Ghagi

Chief Mentor and

Rahul Bajait

Co-founder and
Chief Strategy Officer

Praful Lichade

Co-founder and 
Chief Executive Officer

Yogesh Dhumane

Co-founder and
Chief Growth Officer

Ritesh Matte

Vice President- Delivery

Aaswad Waghmare

Product Growth Consultant

Deepti Swamy

Product Architect

Utkarsh Rai

Solution Architect

Mayur Gadbail

Client Engagement Officer

Mittal Bhatt

People Engagement Officer

Bipendra Rewatkar

Finance Officer

Samir Maske

Administrative Officer

Inside Pragmatyc

Employee Experience

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Case Studies

Client Success Stories

We have delivered digital products in healthcare, education, consumer electronics, construction etc. employing IoT,

AI and many other technologies relevant to the solution.

Development of Childcare & Parenting Mobile App

This concept was initiated by a client with…

From Paperwork to Productivity: Developing an Integrated workplace Safety Product

Occupational health & safety (OHS) is a multidisciplinary…

Modern tech empowering a Fintech product to multi-fold Pre-accounting efficiency

Maintaining accurate bookkeeping and accounting records is essential…