Agile adoption for a Highly Regulated Medical Device Software Industry

Learn how agile is being adopted in medical device industry to improve healthcare innovation.

Implementing Agile Methodology for Medical Device Industry

The Agile method for Medical Device Development is an iterative process that encompasses all tested, verified, validated products and product features. It also provides for necessary adjustments, requirement modifications, risk updates, and compliance updates.

Nearly 80% of healthcare executives say they need to be more Agile, but only 30% are familiar with Agile innovation, this adds an urgency to better understand this concept and get to know its nitty gritty.

Considering the huge impact agile has in the success of any business including healthcare, we compiled an ebook on agile where we talk about:

  • What does agile exactly mean?
  • 5-step checklist for adopting agile to develop digital medical devices.
  • How agile helps to overcome FDA regulatory challenges?
  • Bursting myths regarding Agile.
  • Opportunities provided by Agile in the medical device industry.