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Embracing a New Identity: MAXIMESS is now Pragmatyc.

16 Feb, 2021

With pride and pleasure, we present our new brand identity. MAXIMESS is now Pragmatyc!

As the fastest-growing Digital Product Engineering Services company, we have been at the forefront of the IT services industry for 15 years. Throughout our growth, we have worked side by side with our esteemed clients, adapting to their needs, and driving progress in an ever-changing digital landscape. 

We proudly announce a new chapter in our evolution, one that brings our brand even closer to our core values, aspirations, and the unparalleled services we provide.

Introducing Pragmatyc – A Name that Reflects Our Essence

We carefully chose the name “Pragmatyc” because it encapsulates everything we stand for and everything we wish to become. Our journey has been guided by an unwavering commitment to practicality, problem-solving, and delivering tangible results for our clients. We take pride in not just being visionaries but also enablers of real-world transformations. Pragmatyc perfectly mirrors our philosophy of blending innovation with practicality to ensure our solutions are not only cutting-edge but also seamlessly integrated into our client’s business objectives.

Embracing the Power of Practicality

Over the years, we have honed our skills and developed a deep understanding of both technology and business. Our ability to bridge the gap between ideas and execution has been instrumental in driving success for countless businesses across diverse industries. This transition to Pragmatyc signifies our unwavering dedication to leveraging technology as a means to achieve concrete and measurable outcomes for our clients.

Innovation Meets Real-world Application

While we cherish innovation and are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, we have never lost sight of the end goal – empowering businesses to thrive in the digital age. Pragmatyc reaffirms our commitment to deliver solutions that are not just impressive on paper but also have a significant impact on our client’s bottom line. We believe that the true value of technology lies in its ability to solve real-world challenges and drive meaningful growth.

User-Centric in Approach

Being customer-driven is an approach to win for any business. For our customer’s prosperity, we keep the end client of the product at the focus of our endeavors. We create differentiated value for the clients and delightful user experience that gives our clients an extra edge over the competition.

New Logo

We wanted our new logo to aptly capture the energy of a start-up and the maturity of a corporate while maintaining the legacy of the old logo. After multiple iterations, we finalized the shape made up of rectangles and squares to represent professionalism, with vibrancy being captured by the rounded corners.

We used color psychology to portray the secrete of our success where passion and energy drive our growth channelized by quality and trust. The vertical spacings specifically talk about there are ample opportunities to rise with MAXIMESS, for associates in career and for clients in the market.

The tagline – Accelerate. Elevate.

We serve to elevate user experience and accelerate product growth. We are user-centric in our approach to consulting and development of digital products. We have observed the magic of elevating user experience. We have seen user perception, ratings of apps, and revenue of businesses improving dramatically. We captured this beautifully and minimally in our tagline,

Elevate. Accelerate.

Core values

As an exercise of reinventing our brand identity, we captured our spirit in words. The qualities we show as a team presently make up our new persona, with the following values.

being proactive, courageous and resourceful



being empathetic, generous



being clever, original and inventivebeing honest, authentic and ethical

Our brand promise is verbalized loud and clear that we stand unwavering as a partner in the success of our customers and teams. Know more.

This rebranding is not just a facelift but a strengthening of our commitment toward our customers, partners, employees, and community. With Pragmatyc, we are more determined than ever to deliver digital product engineering services that drive transformation and pave the way for a pragmatic and prosperous future.

Written by Yogesh Dhumane

Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer

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