Parenting of product evolution from single user app to multiuser aggregator platform

Pragmatyc helped client create an app where user can keep track of periodic maintenance activities of various devices/appliances and connect with relevant vendors and service providers.


For the last couple of decades, the technology revolution has led us to tremendous use of gadgets in our day-to-day life, owing to which keeping track of their maintenance activities manually, is getting difficult and is creating inconvenience to a common man.

With wise recognition of this problem, our client approached Pragmatyc to build a solution around in the form of a digital product.

Initially it was an idea of building an app for the end consumer to keep track of his assets, however the idea evolved later to become a comprehensive platform to aggregate multiple stakeholders of the ecosystem such as enterprises, brands, vendors, etc.

With the significant stretches of brainstorming and executing Build-Measure-Learn loops, Pragmatyc helped the client through the whole journey of product evolvement.

The platform has not only made the asset tracking easy for consumers but has helped significantly increase the service experience for them & in turn business growth for others.


The journey of product evolvement from single stakeholder to multiple stakeholders.

A complex pattern of interactions between different stakeholders.

Being a consumer product an engaging UI was a mandate. Multiple types of users added further challenges in terms of maintaining UI consistency.


Initially Pragmatyc helped the client build an android app for the end consumer to keep track of his assets. However, with market inputs, there was a requirement to cater to other users as well as vendors, brands, etc. 

This added significant complexity to the work in hand, which Pragmatyc maneuvered cleverly with its robust process facilitating the right execution of Build-Measure-Learn loops. Pragmatyc developed web interfaces for all these non-consumer users for better administration. 

The idea finally evolved to become an aggregator connecting consumers with providers, service centers, brands, and enterprises. Pragmatyc optimized the complex pattern of interaction with the right Architecture implemented.

With the help of its proprietary “Design Thinking Framework”, Pragmatyc designed quite a user-friendly and engaging user interface.


Hassle-free tracking of any asset & its maintenance schedule for end consumers.

Asset management has become more convenient & easy for enterprises.

Increased efficiency in the process of order management by 7% for brands.

Tool helped in improving customer service experience with 46% of reduction in turnaround time for service centers 

Technologies and Tools

Web AngularJS, Laravel

Mobile Android Studio 2.3

Server AWS EC2, S3, MySQL RDS, Apache, Node.js

Front end Html5 CSS 3

Case Studies
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