Enterprise Portal to facilitate skill discovery & collaboration internally

Pragmatyc helped the client to come up with a product that facilitates Social media style internal collaboration portal within an organization equipped with an audiovisual collaboration facility.


Technology is playing a key role in organizational efficiency for many businesses. Naturally, the IT industry has seen an exponential growth curve in the last couple of decades. New-age technologies are consistently moving businesses one stride ahead. With this high pace transformation happening, all organizations are also needing a different type of skills on the board for the functioning of different projects. Though many times these skills are also available internally in the organization, sheer due to lack of proper mechanism, organizations need to look outward for those skills. This results in organizations’ time wastage, money wastage, and internal skillset wastage.

Our client in the technology industry had observed this challenge and came forward with an idea of an internal collaboration tool. Pragmatyc helped the client build this product from its ideation to implementation.

With the client’s product idea, Pragmatyc designed the tool that facilitates easy internal collaboration, for organizations to quickly identify any particular skill it is looking for. Employees also can approach their colleagues for any specific help they require in their work through the tool. Even organizations can treat it as a tool for internal hiring for different assignments.

This being a non-mandatory tool to be used by the employees, ensuring user adoption was a primary challenge for this project. Pragmatyc addressed this challenge with a systematically engineered user interface to ensure a “user-friendly” experience, allowing the user to interact with the software naturally and intuitively.


In any industry, continuous skilling is a continuous challenge, due to dynamically changing business model and fast-growing technology competition.

To facilitate continuous skilling, the mechanism for Skill measurement and gap analysis is important however it becomes tedious if done manually.

Skilling process may become expensive owing to external resources to be engaged.


Looking at all the requirements & brainstorming the challenges, Pragmatyc has created a comprehensive Web and iPad based solution using Multitenant SAAS based architecture coded with Laravel as a backend & Angular JS as a front end language.

Pragmatyc researched and done the seamless integration of varied third-party tools like calendar, TokBox for audiovisual interaction.

Being a non-mandatory product, product adoption was the biggest challenge. Pragmatyc overcame the challenge by designing the very user –friendly engaging user interface. With its own design thinking framework practices, Pragmatyc systematically engineered the UX & added some creative elements to deliver a "user-friendly" experience, allowing the user to interact with the software naturally and intuitively.


First production release of portal was possible within the stipulated period of 4 months

User adoption was 73% with 5 client’s on boarded.

Commercially low-cost dependency on third party components

Technologies and Tools

Web AngularJS, HTML, CSS, SASS, JQuery, PHP 7.0, Laravel Framework.

Server AWS EC2,

Storage AWS S3

Database AWS RDS - MySQL

iPad App SWIFT, SQLite.

Other libraries Rachet - PHP Webscockets, Microsoft Graphs, Microsoft 365 Single sign on, Gulp-minify

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