End-to-End Development of user-friendly MedTech product for a Global Healthcare Market Leader
Industry: Healthcare / New Jersey, USA

The IoT industry is a rapidly growing industry, presenting a world of possibilities for businesses and innovation. It is a market full of potential, with an expected growth rate from 89.07 billion in 2021 to a staggering 446.53 billion in 2028. It is in this environment that our client, an R&D company, saw an opportunity to build a product for a global market leader in the healthcare domain. Recognizing the importance of IoT in Healthcare, our client came up with an idea of Thermometer product that could integrate with a mobile app.  

The challenge was immense, but our team at Pragmatyc was up for its implementation. As we moved forward, we provided our client with the necessary consulting for hardware and UI/UX optimization. Our team worked tirelessly to build the apps on Android as well as iOS platform and also ensured that every aspect of the product was up to the highest standards. 

It is a story of innovation, of how a product had the power to change lives for the better, and revolutionize the way we manage our health. 

The Product

In earlier days, when we used to check our body temperature with a thermometer, keeping track of those readings was a tedious and error-prone task. People had to manually write down the readings, and sometimes, the numbers on the thermometer were hard to read. Human error was also a possibility, which could lead to inaccurate readings. Moreover, it was challenging to keep track of multiple readings for different individuals, especially in a family setting. This was until this revolutionary product was introduced that solved these issues once and for all. 

The product was designed to accurately record and maintain temperature readings for different individuals in a family. With the help of an app, users could create a temperature profile for each family member, making it easy to keep track of their health status. The best part was that these profiles could be downloaded and shared with health professionals for accurate diagnosis, ensuring early detection and prevention of illnesses. 

While using traditional thermometers, Earlier, the temperature reading was needed to be written or stored manually. Occasionally, it was also difficult to read the numbers on the thermometer. The chance of human error was more. Also It was not possible to store multiple readings and also the readings taken from multiple people all at one place. 

This product addresses the challenge of accurately recording and maintaining the temperature readings of different individuals in a family. The app maintains a temperature profile for each family member, which can be downloaded and shared with doctors for accurate diagnosis. This helps in early detection and prevention of illnesses. 

Value Add by Pragmatyc

Pragmatyc started with the feasibility research about the product. Initially the hardware received was not integration ready. Hence MAXIMESS provided relevant consulting to Hardware team for changes in the hardware for making it ready for integration with a mobile app.

Once the Hardware got into desired integral configuration, Pragmatyc developed a PoC for IoT integration of the thermometer with the mobile app using Bluetooth Low Energy concept.

The client's requirement for offline working of the app was critical, and Pragmatyc took this into account while planning the technical architecture, ensuring that the app would work offline with the relevant use of a local database.

With this requirement, Pragmatyc also realized that there are some scenarios not covered in the UI/UX provided and some could be handled better in different way. Pragmatyc consulted UI/UX team for relevant changes needed in the screens and also cover the unplanned scenarios.

With the groundwork done, Pragmatyc team developed the Android and iOS apps for the product.

Ensuring that the product was ready for commercial use. Pragmatyc team took the necessary measures to ensure that the product met all compliance requirements, making sure that it was safe and reliable for its users.

Pragmatyc facilitated the Marketplace launch of the apps with all necessary measures taken to ensure that the product met all compliance requirements and is ready for commercial use.

Services Provided

Product Feasibility Research (PoC)

UI/UX Correction Consulting

IoT Integration of the Hardware

Android App Development

iOS App Development

Marketplace launching on Google Play store and Appstore.

Technologies and Tools

Android Kotlin

iOS Swift

Web Laravel (PHP)

Server AWS EC2 + Auto-Scaling

Storage AWS S3

Database AWS RDS - MySQL

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