Delivering a product to facilitate pragmatically zero lag collaboration in a construction project

Pragmatyc partnered with client from ideation to development & delivered a team collaboration product, hosted over the cloud and available over Web, iPad, and Android Tab.


Our client is a seasoned consultant in the construction industry. With the significant stretches of understanding, he has dismembered a few troubles and required solutions through a product in the construction industry which can revolutionize the way industry is operating now

The first critical success milestone of the project was when Pragmatyc helped the client through its comprehensive R&D efforts to make the key innovations possible justifying the very existence of the product.

The second success milestone was carved with extremely complicated engineering achieved out of integrating all the technological solutions across platforms including cloud backend, web frontend, iPhone, iPad, Android phone & tab. This made the real-time collaboration possible in literally brick & mortar industries like construction saving huge time and money of the projects and adding ease to the life of General Contractors (GCs) and other stakeholders.


Multiple stakeholders are needed to work on a big size plan physically which increases project timelines.

A construction project generally involves working with thousands of plans, sorting & maintenance of the plans is another challenge.

The scattered geolocations of the stakeholders making the communication and collaboration challenge worse.

Change management is real pain through the layers of challenges stated above increase the risk of compromising accuracy & Quality of the project.

Tracking the current project and maintaining a progress report is another challenge.


We created a product using Multitenant SAAS based architecture for online plan management on the digital device for the multiple stakeholders to collaborate more efficiently.

We did automation of plan reading & sorting by machine using Node JS, OCR & AI-enabled technologies.

We integrated an efficient third-party tool and Quick Box to have Chat, Video Conferencing, and Screen sharing for real-time and seamless communication across the teams. 

We developed the CANVAS tool, which creates overlay over the existing plan with facilities like marking, ruler, add RFIs, ASIs over a plan. Technologies like AngularJS, Leaflet used to create this highly advanced feature. 

We designed an Audiovisual Interaction facility for current project Progress Reporting through sharing on-site images & videos.


Real-time collaboration, Plans Editing, Review, and Approval process on the digital device give agility to teams saving 22% of the cost.

80% time saving with hassle free digitally sorted and maintained plans available on multi-touch point devices for all the users.

Seamless & Real-time communication of employees & management increased the work efficiency.

Time to change in plans, Review of RFI, ASI has reduced to 30mins, from an average of 16Hrs.

Reduced the cost of monitoring and compliance by 35% by tracking current projects progress through on-site images & videos on a single dashboard which increased the efficiency and flattened the workflows

Technologies and Tools

Web AngularJS 1.7.0, NodeJS , Laravel(PHP),

Mobile Swift 3.2V, XCode 9, Android Studio 2.3,java ( android, iPhone, tab, iPad)

Server AWS EC2, S3, MySQL RDS, Apache, NodeJS, Multitenant SaaS architecture

Other library QuickBox, Leaflet, OCR

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