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Prachi Subhedar

Nothing endures but change. The world keeps on changing, so does our way of work and life. The change we saw in past one year shocked most of us. Yet we accepted ‘new normal’ and overcame the challenges together. At MAXIMESS, our spirited, competent, and empathetic team toiled very hard to pull the organization and clients through uncertain times to certain growth. So, this year Annual Awards Night carried a greater significance in every sense. To successfully organize an extravagant virtual event that justifies heroic efforts of associates in work and offers the opportunity to break free was indeed a herculean task, shouldered and executed gracefully by the organizing team.

So, here are the brief glimpses of the Annual Award Nights, Anthem-2021.

A little fumble and a good presence of mind can get the whole audience electrified. Prachi, Shubhangi, Ashwini, and Anubhav played a great role as anchors. Planning for expected, being ready for unexpected, and excelling in any situation is our mantra in everything we do, ANTHEM included.

ANTHEM is a great opportunity for family members to connect with the organization. Associates and family connected and enjoyed the evening thoroughly. We believe, a supportive family helps an individual to scale greater heights in their career.

They perspired and persevered. Bhushan, Samir & Pratyush worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure that everything runs smoothly.


From Work to Fun, MS Teams has been a true companion. We are in love with this collaboration tool.

Taking initiative is our core value. Efforts to learn new skills, adopt modern technology practices, develop great solutions, and to achieve client delight are always rewarded. Congratulations all, keep inspiring us!

Everything about the evening was so enchanting that the audience was glued to their screens. Dance by Ashwini & Shubhangi, Song by Dhanraj, impromptu mimicry by different squads of MAXIMESS added the entertainment value and wowed everyone with their talent.

Team Discovery, Define, Design, Development, and Development battled for two months on the knowledge as well as performing art fronts. Recordings of the social activities were also presented at the event. Every team did well. Due to outstandingly well team efforts, two teams- team Define and team Deployment were announced winners (and the winning amount was doubled).


Putting your heart and soul in everything you do results in a beautiful outcome and better you. ANTHEM-2021 once again offered every one of us an opportunity to connect to our core again and inspired us to keep getting better. Well done team.


Prachi Subhedar

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The world keeps on changing, so does our way of work and life. The change we saw in past one year shocked most of us.